As a real estate agency, Haansal Estates provides a range of services related to buying, and selling properties. Some of the key services offered by us include:

  1. Property Purchase: We, as a buyer’s agent, can help prospective buyers find their dream home or a suitable investment, organize inspections, and guide them through the purchasing process.
  2. Property Sales: We can help homeowners sell their properties by advertising the property, arranging inspections, auctions and negotiating offers.
  3. Property Marketing: Real estate agents in NSW can market properties for sale or rent through various channels such as social media, property websites, and print advertising.
  4. Real Estate Advice: We can provide expert advice on the property market, including insights into property values, rental yields, and investment opportunities.

Overall, as a real estate agency, we provide a range of valuable services to help people buy, and sell their properties.