Sumiit Gupta, Director & Founder of Haansal Estate Pty Ltd

What has been the inspiration behind Haansal Estate Pty Ltd and the journey that led to establish this innovative real estate agency?

Our inspiration stems from a desire to revolutionize the real estate industry, particularly in Sydney. Having observed the gaps and inefficiencies in the traditional real estate model, we envisioned a platform that prioritizes transparency, efficiency, and client satisfaction. The journey leading to the establishment of Haansal Estate involved a deep understanding of market dynamics, leveraging technological advancements, and a commitment to ethical business practices.

Drawing from experiences across diverse industries and global landscapes, we aim to set new standards of excellence in real estate sales. Through a focus on continuous learning, we strive to drive positive change and foster sustainable growth in the real estate sector.

How Haansal Estate Helps Clients Buy Property in Australia:

We have 5 step process to help our client find the ideal property they are looking for:

1. Requirement Gathering and Analysis: Haansal Estate begins by gathering information from the buyer regarding their budget, preferences, objectives, and loan requirements.

2. Prospective Property Evaluation: They then shortlist top property options from a pool of over 1000 properties, dealing exclusively with established builders and developers to ensure confidence in the projects.

3. Suburb Research and Presentation: Providing relevant information about the location and suburb, including future prospects, to offer peace of mind before investment.

4. Organizing Meetings with Solicitors, Brokers, etc.: Haansal Estate works with established organizations across various sectors, facilitating meetings between buyers and the right professionals to assist them effectively.

5. Formalizing Sale: Assisting clients with legal and financial formalities, ensuring a smooth closing process and allowing clients to enjoy future financial freedom and peace of mind.

Overall, Haansal Estate offers a comprehensive solution tailored to the needs of clients looking to invest in Australian real estate, leveraging their expertise and network to facilitate a successful property acquisition process.